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Greece. April. Six weeks! How? Why?

I’m going to Greece in April, 2024. For almost SIX weeks.

How? Why?

I want to share a personal story about the power of following your intuition, even when it's not the easiest path to take.

Some of you might remember a moment during a recent workshop when I had a strong inner feeling that I was meant to attend a new type of teacher training retreat next year. It was an exciting revelation, but as is often the case, practical barriers seemed to stand in my way. At that time, I had three clients booked for events in April, 2024. The retreat is in Greece and it is 28 days of training. My husband didn't quite see the need for me to embark on this particular training journey. And I was already going to Greece later in September 2024 as well.

Undeterred, I researched the workshop thoroughly. I reached out to past attendees on Trip Advisor. All had wonderful feedback about the retreat. I booked a 20 minute consultation with one of the instructors and by the end of that call I felt more of a pull to go. Finally, I reached out to my three clients to discuss the situation, and the outcomes all seemed to be in my favor. The first client was incredibly understanding and even offered to change her event date just to have me as the officiant – a gesture that touched my heart deeply. The second client informed me that their event was no longer happening and due to a miscommunication, had not told me yet. That was a twist of fate that I hadn't seen coming. As for the third client, upon checking my records, I realized they hadn't even put down a deposit, and when I contacted them, they needed more time to decide but were open to alternative dates. Suddenly, my April commitments were cleared.

With this newfound clarity, I sat down with my husband and had a heartfelt conversation. He began to understand the importance of this journey to me. After all, I was going to be away for a month, and I wanted him to feel comfortable with my decision.

After that, I proudly put my deposit down on the retreat. While my husband may not completely agree that I "need" this, I expressed my gratitude for his support and reminded him that I've never led myself astray when following my intuition. If I ever do, I assured him that I know how to navigate my own path.

So there you have it – my deposit is down, my flights are booked and I'm one step closer to this transformative teacher training retreat.

Truly, when I saw the dates it was being offered, my first thought was, “Crap, I can’t go.”  But then I thought about what steps would be involved in going. I’ve never changed event dates with my clients before. Them, with me, all the time. Other colleagues asking me to pinch hit for them, sure. But I didn’t think that would be something I could do. And yet, I needed to know if this trip was a possibility.

You know the rest.

I think this little ditty can serve as a testament to the incredible power of intuition and the importance of trusting ourselves, even when the action requires of us appears challenging.

So break it down.  What would just the next step look like? In this case it was me doing something out of character and letting clients know there was a possibility I’d be away in April.

I know, I know. I didn’t give you a lot of details about the retreat. That’s for another time but I’ll entice you with this. It’s something that goes hand in hand with trusting and tapping into your divine intuitive and creative power: Tantra.

Love, Arlene.



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