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What IS Intuition? Here are my top 10 ways of explaining what it is and isn't.

1. An ability we all have -inherent in being human. But for many people, though this is changing, it is something we have either learned to ignore, chalked up to our imagination or name it a co-incidence.

2. Access to a field, or a matrix if you will of information that exists for everything and everyone. We use practised skill of allowing our subconscious mind to access information and show us via our body and bring it to our consciousness or our awareness.

3. Using your intuitive skills is the act of clearly seeing and deciphering information in the form of thoughts, visual or pictures, scenarios that you allow in beyond your logical thoughts.

4. It’s kind of a form of focused or active meditation.

5. It's not really a gift for some special people. If you want to play an instrument, then you need to try it and learn the skills. If you never tried and practiced, you would not know if you’ve had the ability or not.

So again, it is subtle and an entire world or field we don’t necessarily see with our physical eyes. Now, the how one interprets and delivers that information- that might be a little special. Each person is unique in how they read and deliver information but this mostly takes practice and repetition.

6. Intuition guidance or messages come to us in the form of dreams, symbols, thoughts, things you hear and feelings.

Without trying to sound old school, you've probably heard of the 4 main ways we access information. These are the 'clairs'. Clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudience, empathic.

7. Some people specialize in one area such as 'seeing' or clairvoyance but it is often a blend of seeing an image or a symbol, combined with a thought or some words, phrases and perhaps a feeling.

8. Intuition is NOT omnipotence. (so can we please stop saying once and for all, "psychic eh? Then why aren't you rich from knowing the winning lottery numbers?". Even though we have access to this field or matrix, it is important to remember that you will likely glean guidance and information that you need most to progress, heal and make more confident decisions. It's not there to give you ALL your answers or what's the point of being here really? But that of course is another blog entry.

9, It's something you've already been using your whole

life. You've listened, or not, to your 'gut' feelings, or heeded a strange need to take a class, talk to a person, learn more about something. You are a receiver and transmitter of wavelengths that contain information. Whether you choose to flex and practice this muscle in a more organized way to develop your intuitive skill is entirely up to you.

10. Finally, for those of us that love the word energy, Intuition can be thought of as the collection of unseen knowing and awareness that a person gains from paying attention to their energetic environment. It's seeing what we don't see with our physical eyes which is our dominant sense. But that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. For example, you don't wee wavelengths with your physical eyes, but we accept (science!) that they exist and can be measured. Energy moves via wavelengths and sensations can be produced that we 'notice'.

Easy task: Think of 3 times when you used your inner knowing. Meaning, where you just knew something you should have otherwise not known but turned out to be fact. Make sure to count simple things. Like that 'ping' you get that you left the garage door open. Or that time you thought, "I really should call Denise" and then poof, she has just called you.

Want to learn how to DO this Intuitive stuff?

In all seriousness, I'm aware that to learn a skill we need organized steps, structure and tools. I've been teaching students and teachers how to expand and amplify their intuitive abilities for over 20 years and would be honoured to help you as well. On my website or facebook page you'll see the online workshops, retreats and FB lives I do to help you access and continually open your unique intuitive abilities.

Visit HERE on my website to learn about online workshops:

Visit HERE to join me on my next retreat where we will use this practice daily:

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