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Arlene Moshe

Intuitive/Psychic Retreat Leader, Teacher, Counsellor

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About Arlene

Looking back, Arlene realized she has been aware of her intuitive  and psychic channelling skills since she was a young child. For a while she was like many of us whom would marvel at the co-incidence or write things off as her imagination. 

Yet, for over the past 20 years, she has become a renowned intuitive reader, counsellor, retreat and workshop leader and author.

 As a certified and well-experienced group facilitator she has led several inspiring workshops and life changing retreats teaching clients how to open, recognize and use their intuition, energy work, body wisdom and more. She is also a busy mom of 2, a singer and a music theatre performer!


Arlene is highly committed to helping each individual deepen and expand their own intuitive abilities.  Everyone has them, and it's time to awaken and trust how each one of us receives messages, guidance, insights and suggested actions steps to help you become empowered, inspired, and motivated to move forward in your life.


She teaches you how to be in the body you own right now while growing and expanding.  Her most popular workshop, Body Intuition and Wisdom helps people hear the body's messages and guidance for optimal health.


Her motivation is for each of you to be all of who you are without apology and feel confident in taking the ACTION steps necessary to progress in several areas of your life. Knowing she can help you get back on a path that feels good and results in greater happiness has become her passion.  Her clear and compassionate approach brings a sense of peace for her clients that want to live life to its highest potential.

From Arlene:  "For the participants I work with, I'm helping them access what they themselves most need to hear and are ready for, in that moment.  

Each client is reminding themselves of what they need to take action in their lives or to heal. It's incredibly rewarding to watch how even the smallest awarenesses and changes in understanding our own personal navigation system (aka or inner intuition), lead to monumental action steps and new moves forward in life."

Fun Fact: Arlene likens herself to Hermione of the Harry Potter series. She was not an immediate natural ‘wizard’ like Harry, rather she dedicated herself to practice and commitment to become a competent intuitive reader with integrity!  

You can do the same.  We all have intuitive abilities. Period!




What People Had to Say Before Google Reviews!...

"Navigating the world of spiritual healers can be tricky. It's hard to know who to trust. I trust Arlene emphatically. From the moment I met Arlene I knew in my bones that a wonderful adventure was going to happen. Sure enough, I was correct. Packed into Arlene is a treasure chest of heavenly gifts destined to serve those that are seeking clarity, guidance, and answers. My time with Arlene was a massive step forward in my emotional and spiritual growth which has transformed my life. The ripple affects of our discussion are still moving through me. I am open to all of the transformative changes our discussion has inspired and thrilled at the opportunity to consult with her again in the future. I readily encourage anyone that needs transformation in their life to contact Arlene as quickly as possible."  ~ Katie, Atlanta, Georgia. May 12, 2017


"Being at a crossroads late in life, I was looking for a Higher Perspective of the remaining goals.

Arlene pointed out new venues suited for my particular gifts. What was surprising was that she helped me progress in my healing process between our two religious backgrounds.  I had slowly moved forward for many years, but Arlene helped me make a decisive leap with her insightful gentleness. 

My question "Is there more to do?" was convincingly answered by her:  "Asking the question means there is more to do!"  

I am encouraged, hopeful, more confident and infinitely richer than before her reading." ~ Helen L, Hoschton, GA

" I felt like my life was stuck . . . wondered where it was going and what possibilities were still out there for me.

The most surprising part of the reading involved showing me how I have what I need right now to facilitate what I was hoping for in the future. Previous readings have focused on predictions for future happenings. Arlene gave me tools to make my future happen now . . . not to wait and hope for something to occur.

~ Kitti K  Braselton, Georgia. May 15, 2017

"I have been blessed to have had Arlene as a teacher for classes like  Spiritual Healing etc.  I have had readings from Arlene before in classes and privately.  The messages were always delivered  with so much compassion and kindness not to mention how very accurate she was and continues to be. She truly has a gift! I was so excitied when I found out she was doing readings again that I quickly signed up and was amazed how she connected with my Guides. She confirmed information I already knew about and she gave me information that is helping me make decisions to move forward along my path with comfort and peace." ~Bonnie A. Scarborough, Ontario. Canada 3/3/16

"Arlene came highly recommended by a friend.   As I was looking for some direction with reference to future employment I decided to give her a try.   Arlene confirmed many things I already knew or was in the midst of working on. 

As we have never met before it was a wonderful confirmation of her intuitive gifts.    I would recommend Arlene to my friends who need guidance." ~ M.T. Maple, Ontario. Canada 2/26/16


"Wow Arlene is truly amazing! I was in tears because she was spot on with what was going on in my life at the moment and with a huge step I needed to make. My reading made me feel ready and safe to take that step.
The love and energy that Arlene brings to her readings is so beautiful. So grateful for our time together." ~Missy A. G.  Auckland, New Zealand  11/1/16

"Recently while in Bali I was fortunate enough to meet Arlene & receive a reading from her.

Arlene's gentle, warm, genuine nature made me feel totally at ease with this process.

The insights she passed on to me were invaluable. They have empowered me to take action in a new area of learning in my life with absolute trust & confidence. I  know now that I am definitely on the right path.

Her gift has been such a gift to me."  Tania W. Auckland, New Zealand  11/12/16

"Arlene is a gifted intuit and a beautiful gentle human being who I was lucky enough to meet during a conference in Bali.   She gave several readings to many of the participants at the conference…  sometimes individually and sometimes in groups.  Everyone was grateful to have been blessed by her ability to see things and advise us accordingly.  In my own reading, Arlene’s incisive intuition cut straight to the heart of two of the most important matters in my life --- my love life and the book project I have been struggling with for quite some time.   With very little information from me, Arlene was able to tap in to energy around both of these issues and provide me with new ways of looking at both aspects of my life.  One month later, I am still processing what she said and using this information to awaken to new possibilities.  She made me feel at ease and provided me with affirmative information to live my life with deeper appreciation and creativity.  Judith S. Florida, USA  11/28/16

 "What a gift I received recently when doing a reading with Arlene at a Channeling retreat she was co-teaching.  She was clear on who was there to provide me information (2 Guides and 2 other celestial beings) and her information was specific, direct and 100% on target!  I did not provide any topics but instead let my Guides direct the conversation through her.  She hit all of the topics I would have asked about and even some I didn’t think to ask about, but had important information waiting for me.    We covered everything from choice in diet to treatment on a specific health issue (I threw my back out the previous week) to relationship to career to spiritual gifts and the next ones I needed to work on.  And I basically asked no questions except “What else do I need to know?”  It was amazing!  I got some fabulous guidance, super confirmations and energy shifts that fit right into other work we were doing during the retreat.  Thank you Arlene!!  You are truly a gifted practitioner! " ~ Shan Gill, Atlanta, Georgia  May 8, 2017 

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