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Host or Plan your own Workshop or Retreat
Arlene Moshe


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Are you interested in planning or hosting?

Arlene has collaborated with other teachers, healers and instructors bringing remarkable and life-changing events to attendees.



Weekend or Destination Retreats                   

Virtual or In person Workshops

It's our joy and mission provide attendees with:


  • Practices they can lead in their life once they return home.

  • Suitable formats for corporate retreats or a privately planned dream trip with friends.

  • Custom curated session itineraries

  • Any gap sessions for your workshop/retreat itinerary

  • Courses below in single format or a combination.

  • Flexible course/session delivery working with your timing and itinerary. (i.e. 2 hour format/taster)

Opening Intuitive Abilities
Certification Level 1

For Beginners to Advanced Practitioners:

Sometimes it can be hit and miss when learning and understanding our intuitive abilities. 

This down to earth approach with easy exercises allows you to immediately receive messages, guidance and wisdom from your intuition.


What Does Your Intuition Look Like?

How to Build a Bridge or Amp up to Receive Intuition

A Simple Instruction to Interpretation of Readings

How to Prime your seeing, knowing abilities (Clairvoyance, Claircognizance)

Psychometric Readings

In this course for all levels you will walk away having:

 ~ learned a series of meditations and exercises that build on each other.

~received messages & guidance for yourself and others

 ~ the ease to make decisions with more clarity and trust in your blossoming intuitive skills!

~ sharpened your sense of accuracy and confidence. All levels welcome.


Amplifying Your Intuitive Abilities
(Certification Level 2)

For Beginners to Advanced Practitioners:

This course is a continuation of developing intuitive skills and receiving more details and layered meanings to messages.


~advanced claircognizant/clear knowing exercise

~giving readings to others

~development of clairaudience (hearing)

~paying attention to body cues/feelings

~Intuitive Body Scans

After this course you will leave with:

~skills to understand and interpret your intuition with trusted and certainty

~ability to combine intuitive skills in one session for a more robust message

~interpreting messages with layered meanings

~read for others in person or remotely

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Intuitive Body Wisdom

Accessing your unique intuition and body wisdom to awaken and tune in

to the body's innate wisdom to help you achieve optimal, balanced and radiant health.


We are taught to live in our head and ignore the body's wisdom. To use mind over matter to get it done.

With technology and social media thrown into the mix and the volume of information, our own body is often the last to be heard, if at all, when it comes to our health.


Some of you may have learned to ignore or doubt inner cues.

You're fine" when you are not.

Your grief is shameful or unreasonable.

Maybe you've been told you love too much.

Even if you body is generally healthy, your emotional life might be keeping the body back.


To be alive is to have feelings and these feelings live in the body as do the meanings you give people and events in the past.


Even if you are suffering from years of neglect, ignoring the body or using mind over matter, you ARE a powerful catalyst for change right now just by getting in touch with your body's wisdom via your intuition.

This course includes:

  • Expanding and strengthening your intuitive awareness and psychic abilities as it relates to the body

  • Reveal areas that need healing and the specific how.

  • Use the magic of mantras to increase awareness to brain and show body our new agenda

  • Understanding how you relate to your body

  • Body Reveal- what personal history is affecting health

  • Expanding the awareness lens to know what is working and where there is disruption

  • Body Tour Mediation

  • Care with Carrying Meditation

  • Nutrition and Movement Wisdom From your Body

This course created by Arlene Moshe, ensures:

  • there is a beginning to heal old wounds prioritized by the body

  • new routines desired by the body are established

  • there is a befriending of the body relating to it as an ally rather than something to control

  • you feel more aligned with your purpose and excited to share with the world."

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Awakening the Aphrodite & Self Love Within

Learn about the Greek history and mythology of the goddess of love, sexuality and beauty

Journey through a series of exercises/meditations/reflections and movement to awaken what is specifically ready to arise in you

This course is not about being more diligent with self affirmations.

We will use intuition, meditation and movement to connect to several aspects of Aphrodite because it's time to:

~Align power with deep vulnerability~

~converge masculine & feminine~

~seek love within ourselves and greet the barriers we hold~

~seek and find the lover in you now~

~cultivate the bold power within you~

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