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A reading with me is based on the premise that the session is co-created energy to bring you some clarity and confidence to take action in your life where needed. The guidance you need is already within you and you have permitted me to share with you what you would like to know for your progress.  In other words, I am reading for you what you have come to tell yourself in that moment!


I receive guidance and counselling for you as I access information from Source as well as information from your energy or information field.  Sometimes, loved ones or individuals that have passed communicate with us which can be very validating but PLEASE NOTE: I do not offer sessions solely for that purpose and do not want you to be disappointed if that loved one does not come through.


The reading might also include a scan of your body to pick up physical and emotional information that will contribute to your healing. The guidance people receive during the reading often answers questions they had brought to the session and were going to ask. I have never delivered anything that frightens or that the client is not ready to hear. My experience is that it brings a sense of relief and/or confidence that they can indeed trust their gut and move forward! Take ACTION in your life!  It helps you make decisions and/or go through events and challenges with fluidity while trusting your instincts.


Questions most people have:


“How can I move to a career I’m more passionate about?”

"Can you help me figure out my passion?"
“Is there a way/will I be able to earn more money and get out of debt?”
“Will I be getting married and/or have children?”
“Who are my spirit guides?”
“What is my life's path or purpose?  Am I on the right path?"

"Do I have healing and/or intuitive abilities?"



I always try to convey that readings should be looked at as guidance, not something unchangeable and certain. I tell each client that if they hear something that doesn’t ring true for them or resonate in any way, then they should honour that. You are your own best intuitive.  


My focus is to bring clarity and guidance for what is showing up in your life right now and in your future years. (I do not specialize in lottery numbers-sorry!) There is no question too odd, embarrassing or difficult for a reading but I will be honest and let the client know if I’m just not getting anything.  I believe it is better to be honest than let my ego throw something out there just to save face.


The reading does not require that you believe or not believe in any particular religious denomination or in the actual process I’ve described in order for you to receive information.  If you want a reading, then on some level you are giving permission to convey the guidance that you would like to receive.  I am the conduit for that moment.


In a nutshell, my sessions are practical and "Divine"-driven. I will help you achieve alignment with your desires, goals worries, struggles and motivation. The best way to describe it is that I blend woo woo ritual with straight forward guidance that will encourage and support you your efforts with every move you make in the direction of your truth.


I look forward to working with you ~ Arlene



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