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Body Wisdon & Intuition

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Body  Wisdom & Intuition
the answers are inside


Date: August 23-25, 2019 
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

~Arlene Moshe~

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Experience 3 days of accessing and expanding your intuitive abilities 
awaken and tune in to the body's innate wisdom to help you achieve optimal, balanced and radiant health.

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For beginners or advanced practitioners!

If you know are not sure how to use or control your abilities, and/or want to hone in on your craft, then join Arlene as she mentors

you through this process with ease and with clarity!

Most people are not using their psychic skills with very much awareness!

But most ARE DEFINITELY looking for a road map to guide them through life’s challenges, events and decisions.

Sometimes it can be hit and miss when we are working with our intuitive abilities.

Or the messages and information seem random and we don’t know what to DO with it because we can’t make sense of it.

On top of that, we don’t all ‘see,’ ‘hear’ or ‘know’ with our psychic abilities in the exact same way.

But we ALL have these skills!


We are constantly receiving messages via our intuition and psychic abilities. Wouldn't you like to know with more certainty and clarity what those messages are and what they mean for you and your life’s goals, decisions and well-being?

You will be extremely proficient with all the tools you have learned, have a thorough command of your psychic abilities, and have a level of self awareness previously unimagined.

Use your psychic ability to discern your choices and see your own truth.

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Body Wisdom

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Your body is your personal navigation system for guidance about how to operate optimally in the world!


We are taught to live in our head and ignore the body's wisdom. To use mind over matter to get it done.


With technology and social media thrown into the mix and the volume of information, our own body is often the last to be heard, if at all, when it comes to our health.


You may have learned to ignore or doubt inner cues.

"You're fine" when you are not.

Your grief is shameful or unreasonable.

Maybe you've been told you love too much.

Even if you body is generally healthy, your emotional life might be keeping the body back.


To be alive is to have feelings and these feelings live in the body as do the meanings you give people and events in the past.


Even if you are suffering from years of neglect, ignoring the body or using mind over matter, you ARE a powerful catalyst for change right now just by getting in touch with your body's wisdom via your intuition.

By learning to understand, interpret and use intuitive messages from your body, you throw out the cookie cutter approach to health and start honouring what your body is SPECIFICALLY showing you and telling you to...

Thrive from the inside out!

Your Registration grants you access to all 3 days and will include retreat materials, all the following:

  • Expanding and strengthening your intuitive awareness and psychic abilities as it relates to the body

  • Awakening your 'clairs' - emphasis on seeing, knowing 

  • how to interpret messages, symbols and images

  • Reveal areas that need healing and the specific how.

  • Use the magic of mantras to increase awareness to brain and show body our new agenda

  • Understanding how you relate to your body

  • Body Tour Mediation

  • Nutrition and Movement Wisdom From your Body


What makes this retreat different from other intuition & health retreats?

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What Makes This Retreat Different From Other Intuition Health Retreats?

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As always, the standout feature with Arlene, is that she will be personally guiding you and advising you with her own seasoned intuitive abilities to round out the information and action you and your body need to take, throughout the workshop.

Although each person is learning the same exercises or information, there is no particular result or outcome defined for each person.  You will immediately glean information and guidance for your personally as it relates to how to go about healing and having overall health.

Each attendee walks away with a very manageable armload of personalized messages from their body for their body.


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Listen~ Your body is speaking to YOU, for YOU are your body.

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From Arlene:

"the purpose of this retreat is to ensure that:

-you recognize you can access and understand your intuitive messages

-there is a beginning to heal old wounds prioritized by the body

-new routines desired by the body are established

-there is a befriending of the body relating to it as an ally rather than something to control

-you feel more aligned with your purpose and excited to share with the world."

Explore, nourish and strengthen your unique intuition and innate body wisdom wisdom.


Awareness re-trains the brain. The brain sends messages to your body and...

your body responds-physically!


Learn which healthy resources and actions your body most needs to heal and establish new routines

(specific exercise, foods, meditations, conversations and more)


Receive information unique to YOU that helps you move forward powerfully and with presence


Develop a loving empowered relationship between you and your body to easily experience your worthiness and become an attractor for goodness, health and love.

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Regular Rate     $347


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*Registration Includes All Retreat Sessions & Support Materials, Light Breakfast and Full Lunch.

**fee excludes flight and accommodations.

Though Non-Refundable, Registration is Transferable and/or You Will Receive a Credit Toward the Next Body Intuition & Wisdom Retreat Should You Not be Able to Attend for Any Reason.


Questions? Please contact our Event Co-ordinator

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What People Say...

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Body Wisdom & Intuition Retreats!

Body Wisdom & Intuition Retreats!

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~ Sandy Allen

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"What a gift I received recently when doing a reading with Arlene at a Channeling retreat she was co-teaching.  She was clear on who was there to provide me information (2 Guides and 2 other celestial beings) and her information was specific, direct and 100% on target!  I did not provide any topics but instead let my Guides direct the conversation through her.  She hit all of the topics I would have asked about and even some I didn’t think to ask about, but had important information waiting for me.    We covered everything from choice in diet to treatment on a specific health issue (I threw my back out the previous week) to relationship to career to spiritual gifts and the next ones I needed to work on.  And I basically asked no questions except “What else do I need to know?”  It was amazing!  I got some fabulous guidance, super confirmations and energy shifts that fit right into other work we were doing during the retreat.  Thank you Arlene!!  You are truly a gifted practitioner! " ~ Shan Gill, Atlanta, Georgia

~ Shan Gill, Atlanta, Georgia

" gratitude, I want to thank you for a amazing and transformational weekend.  For me, I can say without a doubt, I walked away a changed woman...  I loved everything about it. "

~Kellie Will, Charlotte,
North Carolina

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