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Snow Moon Retreat

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... Ignite your powerful Intuition and Sensuality


Join our powerful retreat Friday February 23-25th, 2024

4 spots remain!

Early rate extended until Jan.30/2024



Don't miss this Snow Moon in Virgo Retreat in chilly February to heat up  the extraordinary power of your intuition and activate your wild sensuality and Divine Feminine Shakti Energy.


With: Kristine Erickson, Ph.D.

Wellness Coach/Psychologist


Arlene Moshe, Intuitive/Psychic Coach,

Transformative Instructor

February 23-25,  2024
Home of Kristine Erickson, Alexandria, Virginia (Friday and Sunday)+
Mount Vernon Unitarian Church, Hollin Hall 1909 Windmill Lane, Alexandria, VA (Saturday)
+Exact address will be provided in your registration email.
Maximum 20 participants!
Retreat Highlights:
The full Snow Moon in Virgo is about service and caretaking, but are you immersing yourself in the practice of taking care of yourself?
Join us on the Friday evening for a full moon ritual to help attract more of what you are worthy of and desire in your life and release older versions of you or what you no longer desire. 
On Saturday, get comfortable as we unleash your intuitive voice and share incredibly practical tools and easy exercises to learn how to understand guided wisdom you are receiving. 
We further enhance this experience through a combination of ritualistic movement and breathwork. During these practices, you will rediscover your confidence in expressing your body, finding your voice to articulate your authenticity, and embracing your true self.
Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to engage with and harness the divine feminine Shakti energy, which resides at the foundation of your being, allowing you to explore and integrate its playful aspects.
For those of you that choose the entire Snow Moon Package, you are in for a treat.  A mini workshop introducing you to Human Design to learn what your individual design requires for self care and self love.  We each have a unique design so what works for one may not be the optimum practice for another. 

What's Included:

Snow Moon Immersion 3 days (BEST VALUE)


Friday February 23, 2024

6 pm -10 pm 


Snow Moon Candle Light Ceremony

Snow Moon Dinner

Meet your Workshop Hosts

New Moon Ritual 

Accessing our Wild Sensuality Ritual

Saturday February 24*

930 am - 530 pm


Igniting your Intuition and  Sensuality

 Immediate Messages and Guidance

Different Intuitive Styles

Intuition and Tarot

Working with Divine Feminine to liberate Sensuaility

Breathwork Exercises to Open and Access Shakti Energy

Self worship and care with Ritualistic Movement

Channelled messages from Intuitive Arlene Moshe

Sunday February 25*

9 am-1 pm

(BONUS workshop for 3 day registrants only)


Introduction to Human Design

Learn about this holistic self knowledge system based on Chakra system and the I Ching 

How you interact with the world and resonate with your intuition

Your individual needs for self care and self love

Snow Moon Mini (includes Friday and Saturday registration ONLY) 

This option does not include the Bonus Workshop on Human Design.

Workshop Details: 


Workshop Value: $749/$949

Early Bird Rate until January 15, 2023: 

Snow Moon Immersion Retreat 3 days  $379 (Best Value)


Snow Moon Mini  (Friday/Saturday)   $299   


After January 15th Rate:                         

Snow Moon Immersion 3 days    $399


Snow Moon Mini (Fri/Sat only)   $349 


*Healthy Snacks and Beverages included each day

*Friday night dinner inlcuded with registration

*For lunch Saturday- you may bring your own or time provided to go out.


For any inquiries or further information, please don't hesitate to reach out to or  We're here to support you. 

Limited Space Available!  Register now to Secure Your Spot:

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Meet Your Host

Kristine Erickson, Ph.D. Wellness Coach

As a wellness coach, Dr. Kristine Erickson incorporates her expert knowledge of the stress system from her years of research on stress hormones and the brain at the National Institutes of Health. In 2000, she received Ph.D. in Psychology, with a focus on experimental neuropsychology, and now integrates Human Design into her coaching and energy healing practice to facilitate self awareness and higher vibrational energy in her clients.

Fear and chronic stress are prevalent in our society, and breaking free from the societal conditioning can help you lead a more authentic life. The journey to knowing yourself begins with a leap of faith. Human Design gives insight into who you are. She feels that the elegance of Human Design mirrors the elegance of the human brain, and she loves guiding others on their journey to unlock their amazing potential.

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Guest Speaker

Arlene Moshe, Intuitive/Psychic and Transformative Instructor, Workshop & Retreat Facilitator.

Arlene is  a certified and well-experienced group facilitator she has led several inspiring workshops and life changing retreats teaching clients how to open, recognize and use their intuition, energy work, body wisdom and more. She is also a busy mom of 2, a singer and a music theatre performer!


Highly committed to helping each individual deepen and expand their own intuitive abilities, through her down to earth approach, Arlene guides clients in amplifying their ability to work with their intuitive guidance.

 She shares with her clients how to interpret guidance and thus develop action steps to help them become empowered, inspired, and motivated to move forward in their lives.


Her motivation is for each of you to be all of who you are without apology and feel confident in taking the ACTION steps necessary to progress in several areas of your life. Knowing she can help you get back on a path that feels incredibly right resulting in greater happiness has become her passion.  Her clear and compassionate approach brings a sense of peace for her clients that want to live life to its highest potential.


 "For the participants I work with, I'm helping them access what they themselves most need to hear and are ready for, in that moment... 


...Each client is reminding themselves of what they need to take action in their lives or to heal. It's incredibly rewarding to watch how even the smallest awarenesses and changes in understanding our own personal navigation system (aka or inner intuition), lead to monumental action steps and new moves forward in life."


 We all have intuitive abilities and Arlene will show you how to access them immediately, inviting you to be curious and playful about discovering your own intuitive style!​

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What Clients Say About Guest Speaker
Arlene Moshe

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Sandy Allen

Realtor, Remax Distinctive

If you are thinking of taking a class or attending a retreat with Arlene you will not regret it! I have done multipe retreats and classes and still keep coming back for more! Arlene is a gifted intuitive, medium and teacher. She puts her heart and soul into her work and really cares about people. I've gained confidence in my own intive gifts through her courses and my life has improved on so many levels! If you have an opportunity to participate in one of her events, say YES! Thanks Arlene and I look forward to the next weeks lessons!

Screen Shot 2023-07-18 at 8.17.00 PM.png

Katie Wooden Huie

Certified Emotion & Body Code


I have called Arlene “Teacher” for many years now. She came into my life like a breath of fresh air at an initial retreat in 2017, then again in 2018. She helped me unearth long hidden and resisted spiritual gifts which have now become a key part of who I am today. She is gentle, kind, approachable, funny and wise. I highly recommend her, her services and her retreats.
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Bonnie Anderson

Reiki Practitioner

Just attended an intuitive practice circle with Arlene and it was so uplifting. I came away with validation and reassurance of my own skills and practice. I look forward to more practice circles with her. She creates a peaceful yet energized space for all who are curious about their own intuitive abilities. Highly recommend Arlene's courses/classes.

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