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Are you in an 'if only I could connect better" kind of place?

I have so been there. When I was studying to connect with my guides, my intuition and my Higher Self I remember being in awe and envious of those that seemed to get such clear, helpful guidance for me and for others. I just didn't get how they got so much detailed information you know? And this information truly helped me move forward so I was ever the more appreciative. In contrast, when I started, I kept seeing 2 colours repeatedly, green and purple. And after a year of green and purple I was pretty frustrated.

green and purple with butterfly.jpeg

Did I mention sometimes I'd see a butterfly. Just sometimes.

Now I was lucky enough to have a teacher show me different exercises to tap into the way first of all, I would see more and MOST importantly, to start working with HOW I see, hear, connect, know-you name it.

Grateful. Grateful. Grateful!

Today I am able to provide specific guidance and coaching for individuals I'm blessed to work with-in the very way I wished I could back then. So, if you would, let me share with you the three most important things I had to let go, wrap my head around, internalize and then trust.

1. Let It Go. (apologies in advance if song from Frozen has entered your mind) .

"If I could just learn to open my "hearing/knowing/seeing" channels so I get complete guidance that I was sure of 100%, then my life would be stress free. Perfect. Bliss.

So I love you. I hear that. I was that. It's that looking for a state of peace in which there is this sort of bliss because you are tired already and all questions would be answered and all problems are solved.

But, if you knew your Higher Self's purpose, or mine, or all of us in this physcial, 3D form, you might begin to understand that it seeks greater realms than just knowing and bliss. That's not to say you do not deserve a happy life. But a happy life has ups and downs and your soul or self seeks greater creativity and experiences and challenges. Your happiness stems from feeling great about how you solved your problems and challenges. How you moved through them. All problems are challenges. And yet, your guides and other beings are there to lovingly guide you into trusting your intuition, give you re-assurance and make you feel confident in taking action in that fleshy body of yours.

Can you learn to let go of expecting guidance in a certain way? It may be what's blocking you from actually receiving it?

just breathe and let go.jpeg

2. Wrap Your Head Around:

Anyone that appears to be able to do give readings or guidance with confidence doe so because they have decided to trust the guidance, intuition and images as it comes through. Then they commit to delivering that as plainly and as cleanly as possible without ego and bias.

Here's what needs to be specifically trusted. (It may even feel like you have to fake it 'til you make it, in other words, act as if you completely trust what you got)

In addition to communication being seemingly so subtle, guidance is often received in the form of riddles, metaphors, symbols, dreams and even jokes, stories or expressions. And here's the really important part. This is done so as not to trick or confuse you. In fact, this way of communicating is often clearer and stronger than a direct message.

But why?

For many people, when we try so hard to get sentences or 'knowing thoughts' or just hear something to be sure, the first thing that happens is that one thinks the voice sounded just like them. The next thought is that is was themself making up a message because it fjust sounded too much like common sense. This can lead to not being sure the message was real.

The issue lies in the receiver expecting thoughts or words they "hear" to sound like it would as you hear in your physical body and this is not usually the case. With practice and trust and time, I have found that I do hear more and more. Bits of songs, a phrase etc. but that because I have come to realize that "hearing" sounds a lot like when you are remembering a song in your head. If I asked you to sing in your head the lyrics to the beginning of Hotel California-what you are hearing is basically how it works in my experience.

3. Internalize and Trust.

Do you trust it though? You can and will learn if it is your desire. There are, of course countless of excellent exercises and meditations to help open up the abilities of receiving messages. However, your guides will most often still give symbols, images and the like to augment messages and make it even more meaningful.

Ranking those messages as less clear or helpful than getting clear streams of thought is a pointless exercise. It has been my experience that the clear streams of thought or guidance that I have been asked to deliver have come to me because I am open to the images and symbols. I then "get" the message to relay what I intuitively know needs to go along with those visuals in words or paragraphs. And the result has been beautiful, astonishing and wonderful.

I am still in awe and thankful of how specific the guidance is and how the receiver validates it with information you could not have known prior.

Consider the role of your guides as messengers and coaches who will assist you in life matters leading you to your higher self's potential. Just who is that Higher Self? Perhaps it helps to think of it as the direct source of who you really are when the the ego is quieted. It is your ego that wants to get messages intuitively with a pre-expectations. What would happen if you changed that and worked with where you are? With still learning exercises and studying with those that resonate you but trusting that the process is the thing?

My short answer (ha ha) and my hope for you is to choose to be more playful and light about the images, partial messagees, sounds, phrases or signs that you receive. Learn to interpret what they mean for you and take action. Be less afraid that you don't have what it takes to make a decision and then make another one if you would like a different outcome.

weeping willow.jpg

The real challenge in and of itself is to ask yourself to let go of expecting to "hear" or communicate in a certain way and to receive what you do get with excitement remembering that you are still the most integral part of the decision making process and interpretation!



PS By the way, I still see green and purple all the time, it's my "key" of telling me I'm connected, I just have learned how to let go and look beyond it!

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