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The Intuitive Imposter Syndrome

The Intuitive Poseurs, Pretenders and Wannabes...

When we just start out learning to access information or guidance, it’s kind of awesome. You are a newbie, have nothing to compare to and typically start seeing and receiving. You are getting flashes of thoughts, vivid colours, random images and even snippets of songs.

Then, the coolest thing starts to happen. People VALIDATE the images or information you received. You cannot help but be wowed by your ability. - It's crazy, it’s wonderful, you’re so grateful and hopefully proud of yourself. Other people certainly are impressed by the specific images or information you received and elation is bountiful.

Fast forward a bit and now you’re meditating and practising on a regular basis. People are more used to you channeling with accuracy and the wow factor has been replaced by a perceived expectation.

What do you see for me now? Are you getting anything about this?

Maybe you feel a bit of pressure to be ‘right’? To be ‘spot on’ or incredibly accurate with your details. You want that. Why wouldn’t you? I mean, we’re being taught that the essence of connecting with the intuitive mind is supposed to assist and guide us with decisions, taking action and feeling more certain.

So maybe now you start to feel that you must be precise. You need to be certain that you are really accessing the guided information.

Welcome to being a more seasoned intuitive. One that has an ego, welcomes the validation, yet should not expect it, questions what they are getting and feels pressure to perform. Hello, fellow human!

Guess what? It's all good.

  1. Always invite your cute little ego to sit beside you or better yet, acknowledge it but ask it to go count grass while you meditate.

  2. Become aware of the intuitive imposters out there and then learn to minimize their power.

Let’s look first at some of the conditions that might rob you of your intuition clarity.

Become aware of the intuitive imposters out there and then learn to minimize their power.

Let’s look first at some of the conditions that might rob you of your intuition clarity.

  1. Wishful thinking. Our wishes and hopes always obscure the truth in a situation and tend to cloud our vision. Quick story. My sister wanted me to guess the gender of her second child which she already knew. All I had known so far was that before the ultrasound she personally was sure it was a boy, everyone said she was carrying like a boy, and my sister is one fine clairvoyant that does not practice professionally. Yikes. So she asks me. Pressure much? So, I acknowledged my wishful thinking and my sister’s as well. I wanted to give her happy news. She wanted a girl. But I was crazy intimidated that she was so intuitive. AND- she already knew the right answer. Not nice! I practiced a few techniques that I’ll share with you, tapped in and told her, “Well, I know everyone is thinking boy, but I’m seeing images of pink ribbons floating in front of my eyes”. “OMG you really are clairvoyant”, she says and confirms it’s a girl. Sigh. Little sisters am I right?

Wishful thinking also comes into play when you might have received a negative piece of news from the individual who is asking for outcomes. You may want to 'see' and 'know' no harm. However, this can stop a person from taking important steps. Like, getting further testing if one has found a lump instead of asking you intuitively whether it is benign or not.

Disclaimer: You have options. You can tell them you are too close to the situation to see clearly at he moment. You can try to access guidance but tell them you are not. a doctor, urge them to see a professional and heed their advice.

2. Fear. After hearing about definite bad news, sometimes it becomes very difficult to hear the guidance and information clearly.

3. Ego. Your ego can block access to information and is one of the biggest deterrents to receiving. When we feel we already know the answers OR, when we are so worried about getting something right or wrong, it often interferes with ‘seeing’ or ‘knowing’ from an intuitive place.

4. Projection. As human beings we might be projecting our needs, wants, thoughts and experiences on to someone else. It is easier to influence what you are seeing and then be confused as to whether it just popped in or you put it there.

5. Stress. It can create a highly anxious state where you find it hard to tell the difference between wishful thinking and intuition.

6. Self Sabotage. Some people consciously or unconsciously sabotage their success. Success is difficult when you don’t trust what you are getting on a regular basis and thus begin to discount what they receive intuitively.

7. Downplaying one’s ‘gift’. Some people are amazingly intuitive and offer great guidance in the professional arena only to downplay themselves at home or in their private life, acquiescing to the insights of others while ignoring their own. Others

are fearful of not being taken seriously which can create obstacles again to using your intuitive and psychic gifts to their truest potential.

Journal or Reflection Prompt

Which Poseurs, Imposters and Wanna-be’s prevent you from trusting your intuition and psychic awareness, allowing it in

and understanding it with clarity?

Where does your resistance to relying on your intuition come from?

Do you try to examine everything from every angle repeatedly before you ever act on your intuition?

Do you feel others channel better than you?

Do you become stressed or worried you will not get a right enough answer for yourself or someone else?

Is it something more?

I know for me I used to worry about my husband’s reaction to acting on my intuitive guidance. Even though he never said anything to make me feel that way. On top of that, I was always wondering whether the answers I’d get after a meditation were unbiased or 'pure'.

Have a read below at some of the tips I still use to this day so that my intention to receive accurately and my answers are aligned.

It’s important to recognize it so that we can then think about shifting our stance. But we need to be really aware of what to shift so we get better at it each time.

With practice, it becomes habitual to shift away from these barriers to access your intuitive abilities.

1. Try to couch things in the form of a simple question when getting information. Avoid double barreling it. What do I mean? Say you want to seek a new approach to your health like taking supplements or changing your diet. Get right to the bottom of the question: Should I try Chinese herbs? Is this diet I’m thinking of going to help me lose weight happily? Instead of, How can I start a new exercise program and should I go on a diet? These are two separate questions. Bonus tip: starting with should will get you a yes or no. By asking how, you might get a more detailed response. So just be clear whether you are simply looking for a yes or no or if you want a variety of options about your inquiry.

2. Release mental tension and become centred: A lot of meditations start with closing your eyes and letting go of all the tension in your body. Tell me, how easily done is that for you? If you can 'let go' of everything - yes, go for it. Do it. I try too. Bu, the truth is, all of us have that mind chatter going on and it's the. mental tension we need to relax. Hopefully this helps you: Our body doesn’t necessarily need to be in a state of total relaxation to receive AND we can still receive information with mind chatter. We just need to prime our minds for finding the intuitive voices and dealing with the chatter.

Priming Techniques

... prepare your mind and lets it know, ok, we’re going in. Activating your mind’s eye, your knowing centers and acknowledging the breath are things that will automatically help you release mental tension without the pressure of letting it all go.

Breathing. Right in the middle of a reading, if I find myself in my ego and fear I'll do this.

Observe the space between the inhale and the exhale,

The Hang-Sah method: This is a yoga technique and has a dual function. It helps slow your brain waves so you can enter the receptive alpha level and it combats stress! The gist of it is inhaling and whispering “hang” as you lift the uvula in the back of your throat just like when you are yawning. Then when you exhale, sigh out the word “sah”.

Try it for 10 repetitions as you close your eyes. Afterwards, record any observations of your experience of the hang sah breathing technique.

Elicit Imagery

Counting down from 100 to 0- you can do this by 10’s, 5’s or single digits and try to visualize the numbers as you do so.

Mandalas or a visual focus: Some people stare into a candle flame or a geometrically shaped object. This is the main reason I light a candle wherever I can when I’m doing a reading. It’s simply a tool- a gorgeous, beautiful tool, but there’s a reason so many humans on the planet like to stare into the fire or a burning candle. It takes us ‘away’, blanks our mind. Which is perfect for channelling.

Repeating a single word/mantra: Serenity, or tranquility or harmony or any word or phrase that you find effective for inviting mental relaxation in.

This blog was meant to help you relax and embrace the fact that sometimes we are human. Especially when doing readings for ourselves and others. I have been at this over 20 years and it is still a part of my process. The trick is, I've mastered the habits, eighty nine percent of the time to help me shift away from the imposter syndrome. And the other eleven per cent- I acknowledge that it. may not be a good time for me to access right now and will try again later. That's all!

For more priming to receive guidance, I've created a short and long Amping to Receive recordings on Spotify!

Click here to check it out and follow so you can find it easily!


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