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You’re welcome here.

Journal Prompt for any time or moment that it feels like your body, and therefore you, need it.

Try this on when you meditate or journal and feel waves of emotions you’d rather not be feeling:

“You’re welcome here too. “

Feeling free comes from acceptance, aligning, allowing in…

not being free from all sources of hurt.

It is taught that when you embrace pain, sorrow, and confusion as part of the human experience can you find ease and stillness.

If it’s avoided, it can be the reason to keep running from yourself.

The reason I wrote this? Sometimes I'll come across a client, family member or myself that wants to avoid pain. Serve my ego instead. And making oneself feel good is of course, always recommend. But at the cost of your soul's true voice being ignored, I've learned that always comes with a cost.

So sit with it. It's not a one time notion.

To all of yourself or the bits you've put in the shed, say, "you're welcome here too".

Love, Arlene

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