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Psychic huh? "So what am I thinking?"

There are so many misconstrued notions of what it means to have intuitive abilities or to be 'psychic' - to read the soul. I'm going to the use the term psychic and intuitive interchangeably just as a heads up!

People who are unfamiliar with the subject have all too often hit me and I know countless of others with questions like, "So what am I thinking right now?", "how old am I?" and ye 'ole classic, "Oh yeah? So if you're psychic, what are the winning lottery numbers?"

I'm not even poking fun because television and the movies have been big contributors to imaging a draped woman hunched over a crystal ball telling you your exact future. And for some, intuitives, we do have insight into the future... but not everything. We are not ALL KNOWING.

(Disclaimer: Crystal balls were/can be used by clairvoyants as an aid to foresee or foretell future events or to discover hidden knowledge. Crystal gazing can relax the mind, prime it and allow one to 'see' or receive information but not necessarily a la Wicked Witch of The West style!)

People assume that being psychic equates with being Omniscient. (all knowing).

So let's clear up what choosing to use or develop your natural psychic abilities allows you to do:

~ Receive messages and information that will help you in different areas of life including your career, relationships, health, your path, blocks, opportunties

~get guidance on what will fulfill you, spur you into taking action

~clarity on next steps or validating gut feelings you already had but felt uncertain

~be given guidance about possible events in the future IF they serve you to know that information (like the outcome of not having a certain discussion, or taking an action that you've been putting off)

~receive comfort and encouragement that specifically relates to what you need in difficult times

What you might NOT get out of having psychic abilities:

~you may not be able to pry into other people's thoughts and lives unless it's for your own highest good and serves you to grow

~you just won't know everything. Again, having intuition or receiving intuitive guidance means you will receive what helps you expand, grow, take action and understand your potential.

~you won't necessarily avoid life's challenges and obstacles but will be given guidance on how to best move through these experiences and learn from them

~you won't always know the future. So many people ask me where they will be living or where they should move to in the next few years? Or when exactly they will be married.

Very often the individual hasn't made choices yet that can give an exact answer, nor is it always in their best interest to get an exact answer when the goal may be to experience making certain life decisions with confidence etc. As well, there are often other people's decisions that haven't been made yet that will affect your outcome so at best, one might see likely future possibilities in a reading. Even then, when the receiver hears that information, they may then choose to go straight in the opposite direction of what was received. That's a-ok.

And 99% of the time because I never say never, you won't be given access to the winning lottery numbers. Unless as a soul this is part of your plan and life purpose that is- that's why I never say never.

But don't let that stop you. Well, actually, you're not. There are several, subtle ways you are already using your unique abilities. Those gut feelings and hearing something randomly in your mind are your psychic powers in full use. And yes, it is subtle. Not very 'woo woo' but that's just how I like it.

Love, Arlene

If you'd like to experience what a reading is like or have questions about the experience feel free to contact me.

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