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Five ways YOU will get the Most Out of Your Intuitive Reading.

Based on my experience there are really five things to remember when you choose to have an intuitive reading.

1. Always remember that you have the power to change and modify future possibilities that you are being told about when you ask about questions involving your path or future. There is no lightening bolt that will strike you down or make you miserable because you decided you didn't want to follow the guidance or advice given. Your guides do know you pretty well and most of the time the guidance makes perfect sense to the recipient but nothing is usually set in stone nor is there doom waiting if you 'disobeyed' your guides.

2. Ask your reader to provide insights into any blocks or challenges that may be inhibiting you in moving towards your highest potential. Think about what you want to know or discuss with the reader for a few days prior to the appointment. Contemplate with honesty and no judgement about where you are at. Those thoughts to which have focused this energy will be easier to read and address for the reader.

3. Look at the reader as a guide, not an authority. Something that people may not realize is that readers may not always be able to see the whole picture. At times, we only see parts or snippets. As well, we are given the information that is necessary at the time of the reading. This happens for a variety of reasons. There may be things that the client needs to learn on their own and are important life lessons that may be interfered with if certain information is given. You musn't turn your life over to your guide. They are there to help you tune in to your Higher Self's purpose but definitely won't DO life for you. Therefore it is important that when you get a reading, you are able to tune into our own intuition and “gut”.

YOU are the only person who knows at the end of the day what is best for you. Also, some readers may not understand what they are being shown or are being blocked from getting an entire message. Although a good reader prepares to channel as openly and as fully as possible, they are only human and may be getting partial information for you. So again, a reading is an extremely validating experience, usually with fantastic guidance and insights to help one move forward. Decide how it can help you move forward onto a more optimal path.

4. Go into a reading with a firm sense of what you want out of life. I realize that this may go against the purpose of seeking out a reading in the first place. We usually seek a reader out when we need guidance and are not sure of what direction to take. But nevertheless, if you have a good sense of what you want out of life in general you can ask what you need to work on, what steps you can take to achieve these and what future influences surround them.

A reading should be an interactive back and forth dialogue between reader and client. The reader should ask specific questions regarding the clients inquiries to help get a clearer picture of the future possibilities around this event. The more vague you are going into a reading the more vague a reading you will most likely receive. I have found that the readings that are the most stilted are where the client comes in with the attitude of “You’re so good? Ok, read me.” It doesn’t mean they will not get a good reading but this can have limitations as the individual is looking for what I like to call "party tricks" to prove we are getting information about them we couldn't have possibly known.

My favourite moments in a reading is when a person comes with genuine interest in getting guidance for their goals and the "party tricks" just show up as part of the information. For example, I gave a reading to someone letting them know that they need to be more firm but fair with how some of her friends were treating her. I was getting the sense she was a great friend but in return, some of her friends were dumping on her and the reciprocity of friendship was weak. I told her to "observe Patty or Patricia from work to learn what I mean about being firm but fair." It took my client a second and then she said, "Oh yes, Trish from work. She's our manager and she has been teaching us how although we service a particular type of clientele that needs our caregiving, it is important to set boundaries as to how we let them treat us in return. She's always telling us that!" Voilà! A party trick within the advice. Nice right?

5. Discard any information that does not resonate with your inner self. fThis is somewhat related to number 3 of this list. But, I wanted to add here too that readers are human. And sometimes unintentionally, the reading is being deliveredthrough the shaded glasses of their own biases, prejudices and opinions. It is sometimes hard to detach. Therefore, if at any moment in time there is information that completely goes against what your gut is telling you then discard it or shelf it.

Some say this may also happen because the Universe is throwing you lessons of discernment and trying to teach you to learn to trust yourself and your gut. We all know how to choose the path that will best allow us to grow based on where we are at that moment. What holds us back then? The right path isn't always the easiest path. But remember, when making the final decision always listen to yourself first. Your inner self (gut) always has your best interest at heart.

There's my favourite top 5 reccomendations for rocking a reading! Please let me know if you have any questions about readings or visit my page: What to Expect During A Reading if you are thinking we should work together!



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