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The Best Intuitive Training for You.

There really isn't one best way as you might have guessed. Each person is unique in their background, beliefs and experiences and thus are drawn to learning, opening and receiving in different ways.

I believe that the best quality in any training program for you is one that will start where you are and assist you to open more and more to your natural, intuitively clear and joyful state of being.

With your allowing, different tools, healing objects, techniques, exercises and processes can help you bring forward or re-awaken your intuitive state of expanded awareness.

No formula or ritual is 'the way' unless it is for you at the moment. Just keep in mind that whatever works for you to release any resistances and enhance your intuition is perfectly fine. It's a matter of choice, what you resonate with and feel good doing.

That doesn't mean you won't have frustration or days when something feels like it isn't working. And that is why often people look to being coached one-on-one by me or another intuitive, or taking classes on intuitive development.

I did that. I still do that. But even throughout the programs I create when I'm working with you, I encourage you to try the exercises and suggestions for a bit and as you grow more comfortable in your reading and receiving style, know that you will use what you gleaned from the program as a best fit for you.

We keep adding different meditations and techniques to the program for opening your intuition and receiving messages not because we found a better way but because we're just adding another doorway that some will find useful to walk through and use where others will not.

Always honour yourself and please try to keep it fun and uplifting as you re-develop or continue to hone your skills. Using your intuitive abilities is meant to inspire and enrich your lives as you understand your unique way of using your 'clair'-abilities.

If you think you'd like to try a simple, step by step course to awaken your abilities and get coaching from someone whom will take you where you are and help you grow from YOUR starting place, I'd love to help you out:

Simply click here to take a look at what we're offering, working from moment to moment:

You can try the free option first if you want to take a peak at the website we are growing and contributing to every week.

Click image below to take you straight there:)

Click here to learn more about opening your abilities!

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