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"A true psychic, of course wouldn't charge money."

So, today I was reading a thread response to a woman whom was promoting her e-book to help people awaken their intuitive abilities.

two responses that stuck out:

" You are either psychic or you aren't. You are born with it as a gift and some people are special. It is as simple as that"

" ...disgusting you are charging money for this. If you were truly gifted you would be helping people for free. Money is the root of all evil."


Let's look at sentence number 1 first. I totally get where this opinion comes from. TV and movies have called it the 'gift' for years. Over the decades, we've gone from, "must be a gift from the angels", to "she's a witch" "or that's devil's work" to mediums famous on TV for connecting with those who passed (whether they were legit or not).

WE labelled intuition as a gift. WE decided it must be for a select few. WE think the definition is that being psychic or intuitive ( I use the terms interchangeably a lot) means you know it all and therefore should share that wisdom freely.

"If you're psychic what am I thinking right now? What are this week's lottery numbers and predict the future!"

What if you instead knew that PSYCHIC DOES NOT EQUAL OMNISCIENT (all knowing)?

As a child I always had some hunches or thoughts come true or predicted something happening either from a dream or a random thought. But like many, I and others AUTOMATICALLY chalked it up to "that's just a freaky co-incidence" or "you must have heard something about this and not remembered it".

So I nodded my head in agreement and lived out the teen years!

But as a young adult I was drawn to developing these abilities again.

And so I studied in classes, learned from teachers and read books on how to develop my intuition all of which I paid for with...MONEY. And then I practised.

The practice, the repetition of priming our mind to receive in a more regular way (the same space our mind holds when those random intuitive pings hit) is what for most people allows them to say with confidence at a certain point, "yes, I'm psychic or yes I'm intuitive".

MOST OF THESE PEOPLE DEVELOPED THEIR INTUITIVE MUSCLE I PROMISE YOU. I have met those that just seem born with it and it does come easily to them but for the most part that is why you see words like AWAKEN OR OPEN your abilities.

Because they are already there and it's COMPLETELY and totally up to you whether you want to explore them or not.

I liken myself to Hermione of the Harry Potter Series. Harry was considered a natural, gifted wizard. Born for greatness. Hermione, on the other hand, had the potential but was born of muggle parents so she needed a school to help her focus in and bring that potential out. So how'd she do it? She studied and she practiced!

now then, MONEY.

We pay our physiotherapists, reiki practitioners, doctors, motivational speakers and life coaches to do what they love with expertise and though that monetary exchange there is an integrity and we get something back in return. It is no different with those that have chosen to do intuitive readings or how to develop your own abilities as their life long career path.

Perhaps again if our definition of what we thought being intuitive was, we'd better appreciate the exchange of money for services.

When one books a session, that intuitive will prepare themselves to be in the best 'receiving' state to get you guidance with the most integrity. Readings can be as long as an hour or more. Multiply that by a few and you've got a full day. If you are looking to that intuitive counsellor for guidance to contribute to your life's decisions, choices and self understanding, and I replaced the words intuitive counsellor with 'therapist' or 'life coach' , you might not have the same issue.

AGAIN, what preconceived thoughts do we have about how psychics should 'doing' that might be contributing to the money issue?

In North America, intuitives and healers gotta eat. And compensation fo services the majority of the time is the currency of money. Though some do an exchange of services it is true.

I didn’t take compensation for my readings until I felt confident enough as a reader. Until then I had lots of people that were happy to be my test clients but knowing how much I put into and prepare I feel I’m charging a fair price and draw clients to me that are actively involved in applying that guidance to their lives.

Are there snake oil salesmen still out there? Surrrreee! But there are also different levels of readers that are using different mediums (tarot, crystals etc) to practice and charge accordingly.

It’s up to the client seeking a reading to find someone that matches where there at and I find that usually happens on its own.

I’ve always noticed how a particular person came to me for a reading because I could see and explain in detail what I was receiving given I was being shown an example of something from my own life and then told “ explain to them the story that happened to you and tell them how it applies to them- it will make sense to them”. And lo and behold- it is so SPECIFIC in nature, the client is in awe and gratitude. As am I!

Now, I know this is a long read but it’s a topic near and dear to me heart. So think of this as a resource post.

If you want to read more on the misconstrued notions of being intuitive/psychic click here:

Want to know where your strengths are within your intuitive abilities?

Click here for this quiz!-

And in the spirit of sharing our gifts and making money.

Here’s a FREE gift I created for everyone and anyone: Healing Your Relationship with Body and Food Visualization Meditation

Here’s MY $4.99 e-book on how to understand how you can indeed begin to:

Open Your Intuitive Abilities; with everyday ‘Clair-abilities’

Love, Arlene

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