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Are you an Empath that FEELS a crowd in overdrive? Try this.

Wherever I go I meet empaths or clairsentients who have a major dilemma. Whenever they walk into a crowd otherwise known as a very emotionally loud environment- it can be overwhelming to say the least. They can feel like they are literally drowning in other people's emotional signals. To top it off, they have a hard time figuring out what they are feeling and what is coming from external sources.

Is that YOU?

If you can accept that you are a person whom has abilities to read, interpret, FEEL and heal with energy, you will get that you can use energetic techniques to get yourself trained OUT of feeling a crowd. Here's a technique I was taught several years ago that I'm more than happy to share.

HIT the Volume Button.

First down...

With your eyes closed, count down from 10 to 1 and visualize a volume control dial that goes from 0 to 10. Assign to this dial the levels of emotions you are picking up and overwhelmed by in any given situation.

Turn the dial down a few notches to six or seven. You are an empath and you're not trying to make it go away, just keep it where you are comfortable and relieved.

You will feel it working if you indeed feel relief, calmer or that your anxiety or stomach pangs are retreating. The more you PRACTICE, the more often you will experience relief from moments like these.

Then up!

You can take it one step further you know! Once you've turned down the volume on other people you can create another dial and have it represent you. You could call it "Me" or "My emotions". Now that it's calmer, you can focus on what YOU need.

Let the volume button represent the availability of your own emotions that can get squashed or pushed back if you're overrun with feeling others.

Try turning the volume up a few notches and be easy on yourself. Take some deep breaths to prime your mind to realize you've changed the status quo. See if you can state your emotions and how you are feeling after the exercise.

You know how this works best? With repetition. Practice. Every day. More than once. It's worth it as you learn through the process that you create your use of your intuitive abilities at all times!

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