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Signs and Synchronicities

Very often, I'll have two scenarios present themselves before me. One is a friend or client contact me and tell me that they've had some "weird" signs repeatedly show up and it's wigging them out or they just don't know what to think. The second is that they've asked for a sign and then don't feel certain it's 'the' sign they needed OR (okay there's 3 scenarios), they are seeing something random that THEY perceive as a sign but it may be insignificant to someone else.

Here’s my take on signs. One aspect I think is key to state is that one person may indeed see something as a sign that another person may frankly not even notice. For example, you might be walking through a park with a friend and you are acutely aware of seeing a bird feather every few feet that you walk. Your friend on the other hand says, "Yeah, they're"

The person noticing this feather sign happens when your inner wisdom or awareness pings and/or resonates with what the sign means to you. It might confirm something that perhaps you were intuitively aware of, thinking of exploring more, or have a “knowing” about. In this example, the particular sign being feathers will often relate to something the person connects with their spirituality, comfort or perhaps other beings communicating to them on their behalf. So, not only will they be more aware of the sign but the sign will make sense for them and likely not anyone else.

What if I'm interpreting a sign instead of it just being a co-incidence?

If you've been pondering or meditating on something- let's say whether you should take a particular intuition course (shameless plug lol). You walk into your local coffee shop and you see a magazine just lying on an abandoned table with the word Intuition on the cover. Ok, that could be a co-incidence. But then you get in your car and on the radio, a woman is being interviewed about the health benefits of honour your gut's intuition. Next, a few days there is a brochure from the mail advertising a new studio for intuition and psychic development.

IF these synchronicities and signs that keep occurring are relevant to the observer and seem to be hi - lighting something in your life-then again I would ask you to consider if these are signs for you. What does it mean for YOU when you see the repetition before you? Does it validate or ping some inner nudge you have been getting for a while now? Do you feel

There is also the aspect of asking for clear signs in different ways (from your guides ) to get clarity or confirmation on something. I know many people are fans of asking their spirit guides for 3 signs to confirm something. Signs that are possible within physics but perhaps improbable to see 3 of within 24 hours.

However, it's important to mention here that some people don’t recognize signs they do get because they are waiting for something specific.

I definitely pay attention to my coincidences. I know for myself when I will take it as a sign. It's part of trusting your intuition. Typically, signs can help you with a problem or situation in your life and save you time or perhaps angst.

Bottom line is definitely if they mean something to you and invoke action or give clarity or confidence to move forward or create a change in your life, you WILL know.


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