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When will it all happen? Readings and Predictions.

In almost every reading I am asked the when question. When will I meet someone, when will I get married, how long before I make money, when will my life feel better?

I totally and completely understand wanting to know when things will happen! And, I’ve been blessed enough that when I’ve really needed a timeline in readings given to me in the past, I’ve received them and they were on the money!

I’ll give you some examples. When I was having very difficult times with my pregnancies, I attended a reading where the intuitive told me I’d be pregnant within 6 months and that my first child would be a boy and the second a girl. She also told me she saw a Cesaerian section for the boy after I asked if she saw a healthy delivery (internally, I was terrified of a C-section!)

Sure enough, I was pregnant at the 6 month mark but here’s the caveat. I waited a few months from that reading to start trying because I had gone through a miscarriage and the doctor advised waiting a few months. I decided I would officially start trying in the sixth month and did indeed get pregnant with my son.

My son was an extremely colicky baby, perhaps sleeping 1 hour in total each night unless I was holding and rocking him. The intuitive told me that by the holiday of Hannukah, he would start sleeping in longer durations and sure enough, on the first night of Hannukah, he slept 7 hours straight!

I will go out on a line and say that some psychics or intuitives can carefully receive timelines about when things most likely will happen. But they also have the wisdom and knowledge to convey that all predictions of this nature are subject to change because most things are not set in stone. Because you have free will, every action you take will either bring you toward the information happening or further away. Because you have free will, you may choose to take different actions now that you have been told a certain timeline.

Why give any timelines at all if they are not set in stone? A very practised intuitive is reading most likely outcomes that are currently sitting in your energy field. When I and they ask me when something is going to happen, I sometimes get a time frame, like 6 months, but with the understanding that it’s only going to work out if the client follows guidance provided around this timeline. And as I mentioned, this can happen before or after the predicted time if the client chooses to take different actions or act sooner.

I have found that a more useful question to ask is “How can I get X, Y or Z more quickly?” Then the guides can give advice about how to change your thinking, modify your actions and consider certain discussions or goals in order to obtain faster outcomes.

So here’s the thing. When I get a date, time frame, or an age at which my client is going to achieve or obtain something, which very often I do, I always let my client know that the time frame is based on their current trajectory and their current actions, and that they can affect that time frame with their actions and decisions. AND, if they don’t like what I’ve told them, they can change course or hit the gas pedal and get there sooner.

Where timelines are useful is when that information allows the lcient to avoid a negative or undesired outcome with some advance knowledge of what’s coming and how soon it will impact if action isn’t taken. This is when it is ideal to receive “predictive” information especially if the guidance you are being given around it completely resonates with what is happening in your present.

One more heads up. You may be on course to get something you’ve intended to get for a long time, but the action of others may set you off course. When that happens, it’s up to you to decide if that was “meant to be” or you will just keep taking actions to make that desired goal happen.

As I haved always maintained, a seasoned and ethical intuitive will empower you to make your own decisions but at the same time give you such meaningful information that is tailored to you that you feel ‘guided’ and not alone.

I have heard unfortunate stories from people that have told me their psychic told them they wouldn’t get divorced only to have the opposite happen to them. And they were left feeling disappointed and afraid to move forward. I would encourage you to be open to empowering guidance around obstacles and difficulties in your life. We are all here to move through obstacles and opportunities for growth. A psychic or intuitive reading isn’t supposed to be the magical answer to make life as easy as possible rather, to help you move through challenges with as much guidance and ease as possible.

You can help yourself by asking empowering questions too.

Try these on for size:

What’s stopping me from having the relationship I desire?

Are certain beliefs limiting me from moving forward from my past?

What methods work best for me right now to communicate and understand my guides most effectively?

And always remember you are not locked into one path.

The guidance you receive should be based on current and most likely future actions that are apparent to the intuitive. Some clients feel afraid to move forward and take the advice of their guides to reach goals. I feel like they are secretly hoping things will just happen. The good news is that most times, clients feel very affirmed and more confident to move forward with the actions they are taking because it has been indicated that their goals will be reached if they continue along that path!

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