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How I take back my own well-being


I write. I've been keeping a journal or diary since I was ten years old. I've always been in love with being able to completely express myself without needing to worry about whether I might hurt others, be judged or put myself at risk.

At times, my journals were the only beings that knew what my innermost feelings and secrets were, too proud or embarrassed to share them even with my closest friends.

When you keep a journal or a diary, you have absolute freedom and safety to explore your own truth.

It's automatically acknowledged that some or all of the expressed feelings are not absolute but are so key at the moment.

Most importantly, writing quite literally allows one to own their story. If we don't understand ourself and the stories we need to tell, we miss an opportunity to grow, share our stories with others.

When it comes to our health, getting things OUT of us and on to paper is powerful medicine.

Reading back on my entries has been eye opening too. I've learned about myself by what I've written. I've marvelled at how I might have thought at one point and see the progress. Or the half step backwards. But the reflection and meditation on my entries has been life-changing at times.

It can be thought of as a form of deep discovery and listening if we put aside judgement. When you write, you can tell your inner critic to go count grass as this paper is not being graded and for your eyes only. Judgement only cripples the flow of letting go of control and just allowing.

Finally, writing for me has led to inspired actions that I want to take, documenting intuitive thoughts and messages I receive and taking time to listen to my own story with so much self-love.

Writing for yourself is also a gift of time for you to personally make a date with yourself to attend to your needs.

Through some work I've been led to do on body wisdom- which came from journalling by the way, I received an inspired idea to create my own journal. I know there's a million of them out there but not mine. Not coming from my story and the reason for it coming into existence.

So I created a journal that allows those that want to combine their love of journalling with their intuitive practice and meditations. It inspires you to consider writing from your mind 'with' matter, and invites you to listen to your intuitive wisdom while expressing from the heart. The ancient Chinese say that writing in this way brings "heaven" to "earth" and I wanted to create a journal for something as beautiful as that!

I love it. It was created from an act of love. I know it sounds cheesy but it's true. It's not a huge money maker though I do make a few dollars on each purchase.

But it's a tribute to how much writing to myself, for myself, about myself that not only helps me take back my well being but contributes to the well being of those around me.

I've developed my own shorthand, my own symbols and always keep a few of my favourite Sharpie pens around as the ink doesn't smudge on the pinky of my left hand that glides over the words. (the left hander's lament!)

Please click on the photos of my Body Wisdom Journal to have a closer look if you like, as it does take you to a preview where you'll see the first 15 pages.

Even writing this now brings a wee smile to my face! I believe I feel the most 'me' when I'm writing.

Love, Arlene

And now I'll end this, the way I've ended each journal entry since I was a teen.

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