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Can I be sure the guidance I get is real if I'm not in a good place emotionally?

If I am depressed or anxious, how do we know the guidance I receive during a session is authentic?

First, no matter what new book, philosophy, or method or channelled information I'm exploring, I always, check in with my own gut feeling and how it resonates with MY beliefs because this ultimately is the KEY. You must hold on to that notion and use that no matter what method you are exploring to spiritually help elevate you from your anxiety or worry.

Next, If guidance makes you feel upset or frightened then most likely the information may not be authentic or coming from your highest self and guides.

That being said, I have given information to people letting them know that their guides are aware of the challenges and difficulties they are facing and that they may need to take some action steps to move forward and through the obstacles. Clients will hear things like, "If you continue to avoid this action, you will not see a different outcome." That is not a threat and it doesn't mean the person will become stagnant and not progress. All work, all decisions to act or not to act, are steps forward on our path of self-discovery.

However, I find that the suggested approaches given by the guides is always so specifically tailored to each person that clients feel strengthened and emboldened by the advice rather than scared off or overwhelmed.

It also doesn't matter if the client is in a state of anxiety or depression when receiving information from their guides during a session. A good intuitive or channeller will be connecting with your highest guides, talking to them directly and relay that information to you.

In every session, I clarify to my client that the information they are going to receive is in fact, guidance that they, themselves, directed to hear on this given day.

I say, "you're here for me to tell me information you want yourself to hear!"

That's why a reading can be so helpful even if one is depressed or anxious. You will not block me from receiving information if you are there with the intent of hearing advice and getting help. You can only block if you decide to but then why would you come to a reading in the first place? I have found this has never been an issue in my sessions.

There are times I may not see a complete answer or that it is still undecided. That could be for many reasons; the main one being the answer you desire is reliant on other actions you should take first.

You can definitely connect with your guides properly even if you are down or anxious and rely on authenic guidance. Your guides know what you are going through and they want to connect with you at this time. I would worry more about authenticity when your gut is telling you judgement, ego and wishful thinking are being mixed into the information.

I'll end with how I started, no matter what the medium, it needs to mesh with your gut reaction, your own intuition and your belief systems.

Love, Arlene

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