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I keep hearing we're all intuitive? Where do I start?

I’m going to cut straight to the answer here as I suspect you’ve already been exploring and dabbling and trying a bit of this and that. The first thing I would do is establish a practice of doing meditations aimed at priming your intuitive abilities every day.

  1. Pick one, just one and commit to trying it at least three times in a one week period. THIS last sentence is what will move you closer and closer to understanding and being comfortable with not only how to strengthen your abilities but how YOU actually receive information.

If you ever learned to ride a bike or play an instrument, that the muscle skills and confidence wasn’t there straight out of the gates. But with repetition and practice you actually got more and more confident each time and there you were!

When you are first developing your abilities in can bring on lack of confidence, tons of doubt and worry that you’re “not good” at it. This really, really, does go away if you just commit to one meditation at at time, rinse and repeat!

2. Write the results of your meditations down every time and spend more than just a few minutes trying to understand what you jotted down. I keep a journal to this day of any messages or visions I encounter during a chosen meditation. I make it a practice to flip back through previous messages and my interpretations at the time and it’s been an enlightening thing to do. With distance and time, there is more clarity. That doesn’t mean your messages won’t help you immediately, but on the contrary, give you more information and assistance when you read them again. How cool is that?

3. After some practice with meditations, I’d jump in and try some practice readings with willing participants. I met weekly with my sister, sister in law and a friend at one of our homes and we’d make it a night of doing a warm up meditation together and then take turns practising readings on each other. We’d drink coffee and tea and discuss interpretations, cry and laugh and appreciate the assistance and support we were receiving while getting very validating evidence that we were developing our skills over time. So my advice would be to schedule some time for a friend to come over, set your intention that the reading meant for the highest good for that person, you and the planet and give it a go! The more you do this playfully and let go of being wrong or right, the more your mind and brain train to allow you to recognize information.

Here are just some of the lesson descriptions from a course I created to help you playfully jump in, in a structured way week after week that was specifically designed to help you do just that.

It takes you through easy, mini-lessons with the guided meditations and exercises already hand picked for you. The bonus is they just become more tools in your own personal kit for accessing information or Energy from a Higher Source, Your Guides or Higher Self.

Lesson 4: Priming The Clairvoyant Eye and Getting a message from your Guide:

This audio recording requires you to have 3 small objects like a tealight, a fruit, a figurine etc. and the pdf accompanying this lesson to be printed out. Alternatively, a journal or some paper and a pencil is fine....

Lesson 6: Claircognizance- Letting the ‘Knowing’ In

Lesson Brief:

This session starts priming your natural ability to allow instant knowing to accompany your messages when you are performing a reading for yourself or others.

Lesson Tasks: Have a quiet space ready to meditate for about 3 minutes

Print off the Crystal Ball PDF

Let your ego take a break from being right or wrong and ‘make it up’

Lesson 9: Structured Readings and Valuable Takeaways! In this final recording of this course, Arlene offers important guidance on structuring readings and monumental advice on the mindset to take when opening your abilities.

If you feel ready to be guided through a step by step, SUPER easy to follow way of opening your abilities

I'll be able to help you decipher your messages and show you how 'gifted' you already are!



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