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Am I Clairvoyant?

You may have been told you are clairvoyant or perhaps just curious if you have these abilities. The short answer is anyone can open their clairvoyant abilities even if they never have before or if they feel they are stronger in another 'clair' ability such as 'knowing' or 'hearing'.

Developing your clairvoyant muscle is a lot of fun and the ways to do this are endless. But before we go any further, I ask you to be relentlessly patient and tolerant with yourself while sticking with it!

The most important thing is getting started so let’s do that!

Becoming Clairvoyant: TWO EASY Ways to Increase Your ‘Seeing’ Abilities

1. Practice Visualization

Spending a couple of minutes each day visualizing pictures, scenes and objects in your head is a key practice clairvoyants use to prime their third eye and allow clairvoyance ‘in’. Whatever you visualize , set the intention that you are doing so to open your mind’s eye.

2. Use focused, light meditations.

I know! You’ve probably heard this several (hundred) times before, but the practice of meditation is key. We’re not talking where you have to go deep, lose awareness and experience ‘nothingness’ all the time. On the contrary, using guided meditations will help you differentiate between your ego and random images, clear your mind, and raise your vibration to help you detect subtle energy. All types of meditation can improve your ‘seeing’ ability but you can find meditations that are geared to opening your third eye in just a few minutes every day.

Intuitive development, mediumship and channeling are all enormous topics and I know questions abound as you get started on unfolding your own unique set of abilities.

Also for that reason, no one can be give the exact roadmap to your psychic abilities. but can give you a very good roadmap to help you unfold your distinctive abilities in a simple yet powerful way!

I created a simple course, online, to work with you in just a few minutes a day to do the exercises and meditations you would need to open your 3rd eye and prime your clairvoyant abilities.

Opening Your Intuitive Abilities has 9 simple, fun lessons that provide you with the meditation, exercise or tools you need to start getting clairvoyant information immediately.

The big plus to all this is that you also have access to me and John to help you understand your results and keep you in the space of enjoying this practice!



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