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Intuitive Abilities Quiz- Do you have any of these 'gifts'?

In order to develop your intuitive abilities, step by step in a way that makes sense and actually has encouraging results, you may want to become familiar with how you best receive and recognize intuitive messages and information.

I was too hung up on what I thought my abilities should look like!

When I began developing my skills, I started out by learning from someone who mainly taught through clairvoyance even though she herself had other skills. She maintained that we should start there and that the other ways of receiving information would, in time, come through. Now I don’t disagree with her but I believed that in order to be successful, I had to be a kick ass clairvoyant first. Which I was not. I kept seeing only 3 images and nothing else. . I didn’t know how strong my other gifts were and I thought my main psychic insights had to come in the form of vision and images.

This had be so frustrated and I wanted ‘it’ so badly which was also blocking me from understanding what it felt like to ‘let information in’ never mind to recognize that it was coming my way to begin with.

Many self-help books on the subject and several teachers later, I learned to drop focusing solely on clairvoyance and started exploring the other gifts which I thought I’d be good at. I guess intuitively, I knew all along I was claircognizant and clairaudient too!

The takeaway...

It’s going to be a lot more fun and easy to start with your stronger abilities first. It doesn’t mean the others won’t develop. In fact, usually, by focusing on the one or two strongest skills, the other ones come on in for a visit. So I encourage trying different exercises to help you with all the abilities. But when it comes to honing in on some skills it’s often best to start with where you are naturally more ‘gifted’.

Do you know what your strongest ‘clair-abilities’ might be?

Here’s a quiz to help you hone in on your strongest intuitive abilities. Place a check beside all that you resonate with!

Clairvoyance- to “see”

  • Do you have vivid dreams that you can totally remember when you awake? Were they in colour?

  • Can you get a clear image of something you want to create or someone else is describing?

  • When you close your eyes, can you ‘see’ an imagined object? For example, if someone told you to close your eyes and picture a red train, could you do that?

  • Do you ever get deja vu?

  • Are you very visually/artistically creative?

  • Do you ever see lights or auras around people?

  • Do you sometimes see things in your peripheral vision?

  • When you daydream, do you sometimes catch yourself thinking you saw a flash of something?

Clairaudience- to “hear” in your mind

  • Have you ever had a voice clearly in your mind telling you something that was true?

  • Do you sometimes hear music playing in your head?

  • Do you wake up in the morning with a song in your head?

  • Have you ever heard anything outside of you, such as whispering, music or voices when there was no-one there?

  • Do you get words, songs or sounds popping into your mind that are relevant to an issue or situation?

Clairsentience- form of “feeling” intuitively, “gut” feelings, includes empathy

  • Do you feel emotions of your own or others very deeply?

  • Do you need to be a lone a lot to recharge your batteries after being out with people or in a large crowd?

  • Are you sensitive?

  • Do things often feel right, like something you just know in your gut?

  • Are you aware of how others feel without being asked?

  • Can you feel tension in the air?

  • Do you often feel overwhelmed in social interactions because you are so absorbed in observing others’ feelings and experiences?

  • Do you identify extremely well with other people’s problems and difficulties?

Claircognizance- a “knowing” of information that seemingly pops into your thoughts.

  • Are you very analytical and thinking-oriented?

  • Do you intuitively know how and what to say to someone in order to relate to them?

  • Do you get lots of great ideas seemingly out of nowhere?

  • Are you able to solve problems and know the steps involved?

  • When someone is speaking to you, are you able to get a good read on them or what they might not be telling you?

  • Do you know ahead of time how someone will respond or what they are going to say?

  • Do you come across as smart or even smug because you seemingly know answers to things?

So, how’d you do?

If you could relate to a lot of statements in several categories, then you can develop those abilities across the board! If you resonated with two categories, then those would be great to hone in on and practice with. But remember, all that means is you start there. Do not be at all surprised if your other abilities strengthen when you least expect it!

Once you realize where your strengths are, the next step is putting them to regular practice which is usually done through specifically designed exercises. As you use exercises to help you open your abilities you will learn to embrace YOUR particular way of receiving information through intuition!

Some teachers often tell you to stick with the abilities you have when communicating. I’m going to say that it’s always great to start with what feels like your strongest and easiest but I would always make time for guided exercises in the other areas as well.

I have students that have the strongest skill being clairsentience. While getting feelings about or for someone can be validating, think about how more useful the reading or messages might be if you also got a vision or some “knowing” information with that as well.

I’ve also worked with many that were used to receiving blocks of thought but in just trying clairvoyant exercises a few times, images slowly seeped in as they learned to prime their mind’s eye to seeing.

So. what am I suggesting?

Try a series of guided exercises that take you through practising with different abilities in an organized way. It should allow you to discover the tools you like the most, and help you hone in on developing YOUR unique intuitive gifts.

I have created a proven successful program that several hundreds of students have gone through where they easily go through the exercises and guided steps one by one in order to discover their abilities. Plus I teach several different ways of connecting with your Guides and receiving useful messages and guidance so that you can do so in a way that feels easiest to you.


The world needs you to align with Source and access your abilities as YOU. There is not another person out there who will. This can only allow you become more masterful at making conscious decisions and moments with clarity and little doubt.

And that... doesn’t stop with you. Your conscious moments, actions and choices create a ripple that could bring healing and positive change to all those that are close to you and to all of humanity.

So if you’ve always wondered if you are psychic or intuitive, you are already connecting to your heart’s intuitive wisdom.

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